PSB Facilities

PS (Proton Synchrotron) :

The Proton Synchrotron is a key component in CERN’s accelerator complex, where it usually accelerates either protons delivered by the Proton Synchrotron Booster. In the course of its history it has juggled many different kinds of particles, feeding them directly to experiments or to more powerful accelerators like SPS or LHC.

ISOLDE (The Isotope mass Separator On-Line facility) :

ISOLDE is a source of low-energy & radioactive isotopes beams used to study unstable nuclei. The radiocative ions are produced by the impact of protons from the Booster (green arrow on the right drawing) on various targets (composition helium to radium). Ions produced by this impact are separated by mass and accelerated to be studied. Applications cover nuclear, atomic, molecular and solid-state physics; biophysics and astrophysics...

It consists of 2 mass separators:

  • the GPS = General Purpose Separator
  • the HRS = High Resolution Separator

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